Fraternities and Sororities – Today vs 20 Years Ago

In the early 1990s, colleges and universities still offered a more traditional experience for students.

Now that the internet is widespread and saturated, you have so many more options. You can attend an established university and join a fraternity or sorority, or you can choose a totally different approach and apply to an online university. Because of these alternatives, the Greek system and the schools that support them are having to change to remain competitive in college life.


Twenty years ago, fraternities and sororities were well-known for hazing rituals and mass alcohol consumption. Unfortunately, you may have noticed that not much has changed. Last year, a pledge to the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at Northern Illinois University died after he drank enough to put his blood alcohol level at four times the legal limit for adults. Local authorities, upon discovering that this was part of a hazing ritual, issued arrest warrants for 22 suspects. Fourteen of them turned themselves in immediately.

This reflects a change in the local and state level toward enforcement of anti-hazing laws. Laws exist on the books to punish these sorts of activities in 44 states. More recently, national administration of fraternities and sororities is creating policies that discourage hazing and encourage witnesses to report it. For example, Sigma Nu fraternity has begun a poster campaign, at the top of which states, “Sigma Nu is a fraternity of men, not boys.”

Alcohol consumption and binge drinking

You can see that hazing is headed downward from its prominent figure in Greek life, but alcohol consumption is just as strong as ever. Former fraternity and sorority members write about their experience and how it prepared them for the heady 20s activity of bar-hopping.

The National Institutes of Health reports that colleges and universities with strong Greek systems have more students who are more likely to binge-drink. Alcohol consumption is far higher at schools where students live on campus or just off-campus. Many students can avoid this temptation by attending a commuter college campus or an online university. Fraternities and sororities sometimes exist in these alternative college formats, but the focus is more on leadership and acts of service in the community.


All of the drawbacks aside, there have always been good reasons to participate in a fraternity or sorority. Many are based on a common experience or heritage and seek to be more inclusive than the clique-ish groups of the past. At the University of North Carolina, members of the sorority Alpha Pi Omega, a Native American sorority, granted honorary membership to a student who had died last year. Since she had expressed interest in joining the sorority and had participated in a number of sorority activities, they felt it was a kind gesture of inclusion to put her name along with other former members.

Leadership roles

Proponents of sororities and fraternities would like you to know that it’s not just about partying and making friends. The Greek experience is also about teaching young people to become responsible adult leaders. These years can teach:

  • Organizational Skills
  • Management
  • Delegating
  • Risk Management

And those are just a number among its many other qualities. Twenty years ago, this may have been the only way students could practice and develop these skills, outside of participating student government. These days, with a variety of traditional college and online university choices, schools have placed a focus on practical lessons and experiences that will teach students how to live and work in a world that may not have that much to do with the subjects of their college study.

These days, you have so many choices for your college experience than you did in the 1990s. It’s not as important that you join a fraternity or sorority to have a great time. Your college, university, commuter campus or online university has you covered.

What Are the Advantages of Two-Piece eCigarettes?

Many eCig users feel that the two-piece design is the best overall when compared to disposables and those that have three pieces. Two-piece eCigs have just the replaceable cartridge and the battery which can be recharged. The atomizer is built directly into the cartridge so each time you replace the cartridge, you are also replacing the atomizer.

Changing the atomizer every time the cartridge is changed means that you have no worries of the atomizer malfunctioning or getting clogged. You can switch your cartridge to one of another without worrying about the flavors intermingling in the atomizer. Of course, there are disadvantages to practically everything and the main disadvantage to this type of electronic cigarette is some cartridges that have sealed atomizers make it a bit difficult to refill yourself. If you prefer to refill your cartridges as opposed to buying them prefilled, this may not be the best design option for you. You can refill cartridges that have sealed atomizers but it is a bit more difficult and many feel that it is simply not worth the trouble.

The three-piece models contain a separate cartridge and atomizer along with a rechargeable battery. In order to use the eCig you simply attach the battery to the atomizer and then attach the cartridge. The main advantage of a three-piece design is it allows you to easily refill the cartridges yourself with your chosen liquid. Those who prefer this less costly method of refilling will find that a three-piece design works best. It is much easier and more convenient to refill. If however you prefer to simply purchase cartridges that are already filled, the two-piece design will work well.

The main advantages of the three-piece design, which the two-piece design does not have, is that you have to replace the atomizer whenever you decide to change flavors. The atomizer on a three-piece design also has to be replaced at least every couple of months and this is an added expense that many eCig users simply do not want. The cartridges for the two-piece models are a bit less costly and they are much more convenient to change as opposed to refilling cartridges and replacing the atomizer at regular intervals.

eCig users will have to make up their own minds as to which design is best for them. If you prefer to fill your own cartridges then the three-piece design may simply be the best choice. There is also a notable difference in the vapor that is produced between the two models. The two-piece design normally gives you a much thicker and higher level of vapor production than three-piece models which is one reason that some users prefer them. More vapor means a better throat hit which gives you a better sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette. If you prefer more vapor, a two-piece design may be best. If vapor is not a major concern however and you prefer the lower cost of filling your own cartridges, three-piece designs may be the best choice.

What to Consider when Buying a New Dozer

If you have decided that buying a dozer is what your business needs, there are a few things to consider. Not all dozers are the same. There are different models that offer varying features and specifications and various different sizes. Buying one can be difficult if you are not sure of what you need. Buying any trade earthmovers can be difficult if you are not certain of what your business use for them will be.
You have to consider size when buying. There are two different aspects that you have to consider regarding size. First, you have to check the size of the engine. These can range from 40 to more than 400 horsepower so know how powerful you need the machine to be before you begin shopping. Powerful engines are typically used for things like mining and military operations. For general purpose projects, a 100 to 200 hp is normally a good size. You also have to consider the size of the blade as these can range from around nine feet to more than 14 feet. The size of your blades is essential in ensuring that you can do what you need to do. Not only do you have to consider size for your projects, you have to consider size for your storage needs as well. A bulldozer with a 14 foot wide blade is not going to fit through a gate with only a 12 foot opening. You have to carefully consider size when buying.
There are different types of blades as well and these different blades all perform various different functions. You will need to select blades that are suitable for most of the needs of your operation. Universal blades are normally curved and can hold more material than other types. Straight blades do not curve. These are typically used for grading purposes. Finally, there are combination blades that can push smaller piles of material and sharp blades that can be used to clear brush away or cut away tree stumps. Knowing what you are going to do with the dozer will help you to choose the right type of blade.
You want to be certain that you take the dozer for a test drive before you buy. This is actually the only way for you to know that you are getting exactly what you need and is vital if you are buying used equipment. A test drive will allow you to check the running operation of the dozer and ensure that it is easily operable and that it will perform all of the jobs that you need done. Make sure that you can board and de-board the dozer fairly easily and that you have a good clear vision of what is ahead of you when sitting down. Price considerations are also important although they should not be the only consideration. You want to know that your dozer fits into your budget but you should not use cost as the only determining factor when buying. Consider the quality as well to ensure that you get equipment that is safe, effective and worth what you are paying.

The Latest Trends in Trophies

Over the years, trophy awards have come to be known as gestures symbolizing achievements and pride of individuals, companies, institutions and groups alike.
Unlike years past, the latest trends in trophies are varied shapes, sizes, characters and styles. Some of these trophies come in animal figurines, human figurines, sports designs, fractal geometrical and various other designs which are given in recognition of a group or person’s achievement. Apart from the gold and silver metals mostly used in the design of trophies, there are certain materials which are currently trending.

Crystal Trophies
A lot of award ceremonies have been made special with the presentation of crystal trophy awards to recipients. This means that if as a business owner, company executive or individual, you want to present trophy awards that are different from what is currently obtainable, you should settle for a crystal trophy. Although some persons mistake this material for simpler glass, they are more expensive and durable than glass. You can choose to have the trophies designed with optical crystals or lead crystals. The lead crystal is mostly used when texts are to be engraved on the trophies as they are softer. The optical type is of higher quality and more expensive but well worth it if that’s your company’s top award given out each year.

Glass Trophies
This is another material that is trending as far as trophy awards are concerned. One good thing about glass awards is that they come in varied colors and based on that, if you have a particular color scheme for the award ceremony, they can be incorporated in the design of the trophies. It does not matter whether the colors you need are golden, green or amber, you are sure to get good quality trophies in any of the colors.

Text Engravings
Although some persons choose to print on trophies, another popular trend in trophies is engraving text. As an organization, individual, company or business owner, you can participate in or recognize achievements by presenting trophy awards with your company logo or name on the trophies. Apart from being associated with the event, you will also be able to send a more personal and long-lasting message to the recipient.

There are several reputable stores that offer quality trophies at competitive rates. Online stores take a lot of work out of the ordering, though. When achievements are honored through trophy awards, they turn out to become highly cherished family heirlooms for several years to come. For the best quality products, it is always better to work with a firm or store that has been in business a long time and one that has a great passion for capturing people’s emotion through awards.

You will also have the option of going through the stores gallery, view several trophy samples, engraving patterns and be able to make informed buying decisions.

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